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Brigade Executive

The Malua Bay Brigade leadership falls into two branches which can be classified as Administrative Executive and Fire Ground Executive. These positions are filled through an election each year by the active brigade members at the Annual General Meeting which is held on the first Tuesday evening in May.

The Administrative Executive consists of the President, Secretary and Treasurer. In our brigade the positions of Secretary and Treasurer are held by the same person.

The Fire Ground Executive consists of Brigade Captain and three Deputy Captains.

A brief bio of each of our executive is set out below.

Administrative Executive


Peter Anderson

Peter's first fire was a major grass fire at Duntroon in 1958 - fought with wet clothing items as beaters. He joined the brigade in 2007 and finds the uniforms and hoses a significant improvement over previous experiences!.

Peter is a great diplomat. He keeps us all in line at meetings so everyone gets a say and the meetings run without dithering. He sees it as a priviledge to be elected as President, and is happy to be experienced and able to make this contribution to the brigade. In Peter's words: "It's a great brigade, a great team. I could trust all in any situation."

Peter is also a member of EVOS.


John Raymond

I retired in 2006 and moved to the South Coast eventually settling in Lilli Pilli. With the bush outside our back door, joining the RFS seemed like a good idea.

While I’ve had no experience in fighting fires, I’ve had some good training and experiences since joining the Malua Bay Brigade in December 2011.

Being a bit of a handyman helps me in support works in the brigade shed and on the trucks. The best thing about the brigade is the great team we have who get in and assist where ever needed such as the Tuesday morning maintenance session.

 I enjoy the challenges in this worthwhile community group.




Tracey Anderson

Tracey joined the Malua Bay Brigade in 2010. She's the Regional Business Officer for the NSW Rural Fire Service Region South. After spending most of her life in Young NSW she loves coastal life, living at Malua Bay and being a member of the Malua Bay Rural Fire Brigade.





Fire Ground Executive

Brigade Captain

Ian Barnes

Ian is a retired professional forester living in Lilli Pilli.  In his forestry career he messed with bushfire for 40 years up and down the NSW coast.  In 2012 he came to the Brigade with experience in both small bushfires and in large campaigns, and at most levels of fire management and suppression.

Nevertheless, he is looking forward to learning much more from the RFS and its many experienced volunteers in all other fire emergency areas such as village protection, structure fires and motor vehicle accidents. 

Ian joined the Brigade because he is very conscious that in this part of the world bushfire is a constant threat to residents and its control is heavily dependent on volunteers.  He is also passionate about, and a champion of, the value of hazard reduction burning.

Senior Deputy Captain

David Beare

Dave first gained fire experience in the Navy, where he was trained to handle fires on ships and aircraft. He was later a volunteer with the Sanctuary Point Brigade for 9 years, attending motor vehicle accidents, structural and bushfires. He joined the Malua Bay brigade in 2006.

Dave works diligently every week making sure our trucks and gear are in top shape ready for the next callout.

In Dave's words: "I joined because these small country areas rely on volunteers to look after their communities. It's in my family - my grandfather was in the Sydney Fire Brigade  from 1900, and my father and brother have also been long-term volunteers with the RFS. I like the sense of achievement you get from helping others in the community."


Deputy Captain

Patrick Harris

Parick has always keenly supported his local community and has been an RFS volunteer since joining the Rooty Hill Bushfire Brigade in 1966. After purchasing a farming property in the Bega District he joined the Brogo Bushfire Brigade in 1970 to help neighbours and local families protect their land and animals. He moved to the Riverina area, after 20 years, and joined the Pulletop Brigade near Wagga in 1990.

When he relocated to Lilli Pilli in 2010 Patrick immediately joined the Malua Bay Brigade and has been a willing supporter of activities and an attendee at incidents as often as he can. More recent examples of this commitment has seen him as a member of 'out of area' task forces to Bungendore, Wolumla and Belowra fires.

"It is important to be part of your local area and I am pleased to be involved in this way to serve and support local people as well as in times of emergency other areas" commented Patrick. He enjoys meeting interesting people volunteering in the RFS from all walks of life and being part of a great crew.

Deputy Captain

Ken Cush

Ken has been residing part time at Malua Bay since 1999 and joined the Brigade in 2008. As well as undertaking various firefighting courses he has completed specialist aviation courses as an air observer and air systems operator. This has resulted in him providing airborne assistance to firefighters on the ground at large fires distant from Malua Bay.

Ken started his career in the Navy, and after training with the RAAF returned to serve on naval air squadrons based at Nowra. He later studied law and after serving in various postings as a naval lawyer left to work in private practice in Canberra. Today he works part time, prefers the coastal environment and enjoys boating.

"I joined the Brigade because the bushfire threat needs to be contained and the need for volunteers is obvious. I have found the members of the brigade to be a great bunch of interesting people from a variety of walks of life."

Updated June 2016