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Danielle Brice



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Danielle Brice

   0437 706 641

Michael Lane

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Eurobodalla Volunteer Operations Support

The Eurobodalla Volunteer Operations Support is classified as a brigade, reports directly to Russell Clark and is more commonly known in the district as EVOS.

While active fire fighters attend on the ground fires and emergencies and are more often than not seen as the common image of the RFS there is a major need for properly skilled volunteers to deal with the wide range of support activities to ensure optimal delivery of fire ground activities. The support needs do not simply apply while an emergency is happening, it is also vital in pre incident planning and critically important after the incident to ensure proper documentation of the details of the incident are recorded. In major incidents especially section 44 declared fires the planning and record keeping aspects are critical with potential reviews being undertaken at a point in the future.

Locally EVOS do "ICS for IMTs" (Incident Control System for Incident Management Teams) most of their work is operating radios, scribing messages, maintaining records of truck and crew movements, general assistance with operations including telephones,  mostly during big fires such as section 44's.They also do radio control work when requested during smaller fires, emergencies, exercises,  and for large hazard reductions in local brigade areas.

EVOS has a brigade structure, constitution and meet at the Control Centre in Moruya. They have a President, Captain, Deputy Captain, Secretary and Treasurer. They undertake training at the monthly meetings. Generally meetings are held at 6.00pm the first Monday most months, although the brigade does takes a break over the less busy winter months. If you are interested in attending a meeting it would be best to contact the brigade through the telephone contacts in the left hand column on this page and they will confrim when the next meeting will be.

The brigade members are from all over the Eurobodalla Shire, mostly they belong to an operational brigade, but some are members of EVOS only, the members do a modified BF course if they are not in an operational brigade, so they understand the culture of the RFS, and that there are Service Standards, Standard Operating Procedures and a constitution that need to be adhere to in the same manner as any brigade.

The brigade is ideal for firefighters who are looking to stop climbing on a big red truck, who are physically unable to continue fighting fires but want to continue their volunteer work with the RFS. It is also an ideal way that people who want to help local volunteers but feel they are unable to "put on the yellow" and fight fires directly. Administrative, planning and office management type skills can all be used at control centre support operations.