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We ask owners and residents to make plans for the coming fire season, prepare their properties and know what they will do in an emergency, that is be ready. Once these are all done it is critical that we know day to day what the weather conditions are doing or likely to do in the days ahead.

In this section we offer a series of web links to assist you in monitoring the prevailing weather conditions and their impact on fire potential. These are sites that keep you up to date with the fire situations, fire declarations and the means to follow developing weather conditions. We have called the cluster of web links our "Fire Watch Directory" and the links within it are as follows:

  • RFS current fire situation and fire danger declarations.
  • Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) 7 day weather forecast and Captains Flat radar loops (256 and 128km ranges)
  • The ABC is the official broadcaster for NSW emergency information (through local radio and TV stations) and their web based information is included here.
  • A 48 hour weather forecast split into 3 hour segments.

While these connections offer good information during fire seasons they can also be used throughout the year to predict local climate events. Also many of these sites have good associated information about being emergency prepared.

Weather Watch Directory

Fire events across NSW Current Fires

Bush Fire Danger Declarations Fire Danger Declarations

BOM 7 Day Weather Forecast 7 Day Forecast

ABC Emergency Updates

BOM Radar Captains Flat (256km Range) Radar 256

BOM Radar Captains Flat (128km Range) Radar 128

48 hour Weather Forecast


A good in depth back grounding to the above links on potential weather conditions can be found at the Bureau of Meteorology 3 month rolling commentary called Climate Outlook, it is well worth the read and watching the video to have a longer term appreciation of possible weather conditions.

Updated Februart 2017

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