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Our Trucks and Gear

Malua Bay Rural Fire Brigade currently has two tankers, but there is room in our fire shed so as our volunteer numbers grow, we will be able to have a third fire-fighting appliance. The shed also houses a meeting room, office and maintenance workshop.  It's all protected by an electronic surveillance and security system.

The Cat 1 Tanker

"Malua Bay 1" is our biggest tanker, which we tend to take out first. It's one of the latest, received in 2009. It's a gutsy 6-cylinder four-wheel drive diesel, equipped with the latest safety features, including water/foam spray jets on each wheel and over the cab, so that in the event of being caught in a fire overrun they can be activated from within the cab or from the back of the truck.

In 2009 we were generously supported by our community, raising funds for two electric hose winders which are now installed on the two "first aid" reels you see on the back of the truck.


The Cat 1 tanker carries 3300 litres of water to which we can add foam to make it "wetter" and stretch it out. It can carry a crew of five comfortably and six at a pinch.

The Cat 7 Tanker

This tanker is smaller, lighter, 4-cylinder 4WD and is easier to manoevre in the bush, and carries less water (1100 litres). This truck can carry a crew of five.


We use three main sizes of hoses: 

Small (25mm diameter) - the 'first-aid' hoses that are quickly accessible.

Medium (38mm diameter) - used for fighting more intense bushfires or structural fires.

Large (65mm diameter) - these have greater volume and flow and are better over long distances. They are heavy, and are used mainly for structural fires.


Pile burn at Burrawang Lodges November 2008

Updated July 2011